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Only Invest in the Best

The equipment at your facility is your most important investment. Through the years,
we have hand-selected multiple companies whose products outperform their
competitors and have set up distributorships for the finest car wash equipment in the
world. In addition to supplying you with the best equipment, we can also install
anything you purchase from us and provide after-sales service.


Our largest distributorship for equipment and parts is with Sonny’s headquartered in
Tamarac, Florida. In fact, we are the original Sonny’s distributor for South Carolina
and North Carolina. Their combination of quality, reliability, and pricing makes it
easy to understand why they sell more conveyor car wash equipment than anyone in
the world. Whether it’s for an Express, Flex-Serve or Full Service car wash, we have
what you need to get the job done.

An Express wash is a cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle only. There
are often self-service vacuums (coin-operated or free) on the premises
for customers to use as well as vending machines with small items
such as air-freshener trees, glass cleaner, towels, etc. Of the conveyor
tunnel systems, the express requires the smallest workforce and therefore
cuts your cost of operation down, often significantly.
Full-Service washes are just that, full of services. In addition to the exterior
getting a good machine wash & drying, employees vacuum the interior, clean
windows from the inside, and wipe off any water left from the tunnel. While a
full-service wash does require the most manpower of the three tunnel systems,
it also offers you the highest revenue on a per car basis.
Designed to create the highest return on your investment, the Flex-Serve Wash
system combines elements of the Express & Full-Service washes. The customer
stays in the vehicle during the wash and then drives to spots where other
services are offered if interested. This allows you to have a smaller workforce
than at a Full-Service wash while still being able to offer many extra services.
A Self-Service car wash usually consists of one to five bays where customers
can use a coin-operated machine to purchase chemicals and then wash their
car on their own. The advantages of self-serves are that they’re open 24/7,
require very little inventory, and there’s no need to hire employees. Our self-
service equipment and parts mainly come from D&S Car Wash Systems.